Update your home with the velvet trend for 2017

Ask an expert: plumbing, electrics and the cost of fitting new doors
octubre 28, 2017
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junio 17, 2018

Update your home with the velvet trend for 2017

Our Ask an expert section is the place to go to put your home improvement questions to our registered tradespeople experts. There are 27 categories to post your question, from heating engineers to bricklayers.

This week we’ve had questions posted for flooring specialists, roofers, electricians and builders, covering everything from a light switch not turning off to condensation in an attic. You’ll find a sample of our top questions below but if all this home improvement talk gets you thinking, simply head to Ask an expert to put your own question out there for our expert tradespeople to answer.

Choosing an underlay for engineered wood flooring

Lucy asked professional flooring specialists for advice on which underlay she should use for oak engineered wood flooring.

Good underlay for flooring

Scott from Scotts handy services recommended jabalite, explaining that she can use it on any flooring. She’ll just need to consider different depths to make sure that it appears level across the different rooms.


Paul noticed condensation forming on the felt lining in his attic and asked our roofers if this is normal. Edward of Top Notch Carpentry got in touch to explain that this shouldn’t be happening and he should get it seen to to prevent problems. As he says, ventilation will need to be increased to fix the issue.

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